For every loss of life, there is heartache and pain, sadness and memories of happier days, love and tears, and sometimes regrets. This page is dedicated to the story of my life as it relates to my father. Some memories are warm, but many that are ingrained into my very essence create a deep sadness that makes all of my memories about my relationship with my father complicated. Sadly, my relationship with my father was vastly misunderstood, even by those within my own family. This writing is part therapy for me, part remembering a man who turned his life around and made a big and positive impact on those he knew, and part a story for those who have lost loved ones and live with words that were left unsaid and relationships that were never given a chance to blossom into what they could or should have been.

In writing my story, I want to create a safe place for open communication around this topic, both for the addict and the family member it affects. For this reason, I created a Facebook community that is a place to discuss your thoughts and gan support from a community that understands what you are going through or have been through.

Join A Letter to My Father Facebook Community HERE!


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