A Goodbye to Dad

Cardinal - a shot of red

Today is the day we say goodbye.

No one prepares us for this day.

No one is ever ready.

We have a lifetime of memories,

and yet a lifetime does not seem like enough.

There have been good times and bad,

Happy and sad.

Yet through it all we have come together as family.

As I watched you fight cancer

I stood there amazed.

At a man I call dad

Standing there so brave

Smiling and laughing

You stood there so strong

I was never so inspired

By a man on this earth

Until I saw how you handled

The hand you’ve been dealt

I stand here today

In awe and amazement

You have inspired so many

And touched many lives

This amazing man I call dad

Who had faith and is still alive

In the hearts of the loved ones

Who carry you near.

We will meet again someday.

I look forward to that day.

We will have time to talk, and laugh, and say

All the words left unspoken.

All the things we need to say.

Only then we will see

That a father and daughter

Have love for each other

That defies all time and distance.

Those words left unspoken

Will be no more

And together we will find peace

In eternity evermore.


Your daughter Lisa


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